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Practical Solutions to 30 Common Ailments

Author Name: Valentine I. Okolo


Have you struggled to find solutions for a particular health problem?

Discover secrets that will help you live a healthier, super-charged life.

In this e-book i unveil amazingly simple, cost effective, and most importantly, practical solutions everyone can use.

This book provides natural herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional remedies, and physical therapies that proffer alternative options for 30 common ailments including:

• Diabetes

• Male & Female Infertility

• Hypertension

• Skin Problems

• Neurological Diseases

• Migraines

• Stomach Ulcer

• Diarrhea

• Malaria

• Flu

• Typhoid Fever

• Hiccups

• Asthma

• High Cholesterol

• Constipation

• Weight Loss / Obesity

• Vaginal Infection

• Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

• Bronchitis

• Kidney Stones

• Oral Health Problems

• Cancer

• Growth Problems

• Arthritis & Osteoporosis

• Menstrual Cramps

• Hemorrhoids

• And General Health Maintenance

If you, or anyone you care about suffers from any of the above ailments or any of the other ailments outlined, Natural & Herbal Therapies may be just what they need to eliminate their symptoms, ease their aches and pains, and live healthier lives.

There are no geographical barriers to good health, this book is applicable to you no matter the country you reside, so pick up your copy of Natural & Herbal Therapies right now for $4.50 / ₦1,650 only!

It is indeed an asset you should have.